Brenda J Lloyd
CEO / Founder

Brenda Lloyd is the CEO, founder and the optimistic motivator of Mireku Studios; an Interactive Media Design digital agency specializing in innovative web/media creations.

Her modest beginnings in the Bronx, New York served as the ground work for her passion for technology. A graduate of August Martin High School, NY. She knew her life was destined to be one of creativity greatness, and dedication to humanity in her immediate and global community. Inspired and mentored by her mother Jacquelyn R. Lloyd, she actively pursued the “new phenomenon” of the time; computer technology.

Brenda began her technical career as a mainframe programmer working for major banks and brokerage houses in NYC. She worked for distinguished corporate entities such as Citibank, First Boston, Carteret Federal Savings and Nomura Securities. She thrived on the fast pace environment that demanded the immediate attention required in completing multiple time-sensitive projects. One of her greatest career milestones in programming was being a part of the programming team that launched the first ATM system for Citibank. This groundbreaking accomplishment with Citibank lent her many opportunities that included innovative software discovery milestones.

After a flourishing career in mainframe technology, she decided to change platforms from mainframes to the internet.  She embarked into the world of Web Design and began reading books, inquiring with fellow digital designers and expermenting with her designs which became the foundation of Mireku Studios. After realizing the limitiation of being self trained, Brenda deciding to enroll into The Art Institute of New York City majoring in Interactive Media Design in 2005 and graduated with honors in 2007.

In addition to her professional accomplishments, Brenda’s creativity is expressed in film making, and as a tech writer. She is an accomplished director of three short films; a feature techwriter for Upscale Magazine providing reviews for effective uses of technology; and the Founder and former V.P. of Marketing for the NJLGBT Chamber of Commerce.  Brenda execise her passion of paying it forward by volunteering her time mentoring students that are interested in the world of technology. Brenda felt honored to have been requested as an alumni guest speaker at the Art Institute of New York City.

Brenda is constantly captivated by technology and she is passionately leading her team to create products that will facilitate the growth of her client’s brand & goals.

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