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Jle' FitnessBrand & Web Development


Jle' Tapeh learned early on the benefits of taking care of oneself. She realize that engaging in physical activity and exercising is one of many ways to show how much she care about herself, her health and her overall well-being. Of course it was a natural transition to start teaching others as well. She began to teach in some of the best fitness franchises in New York and became a well respected trainer in her industry. She decided to branch out on her own and with such responsibilities she wanted to make sure she built her new endeveour on a solid foundation.


Jle' came to Mireku Studios to create a online platform that will market to her new & existing clients and handle the business backend of mememberships, scheduling and communications. We created a brand that illustrates her passion for fitness that transfers to her online prescense.

CMS : SquareSpace/ Facebook / Twitter
Completion Date:
June 2015
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