Lisa DurdenBrand & Web Development

Lisa Durden is a seasoned veteran in media communications. Her accolades covers Television Entertainment, Public Speaking and Media Production. Her true grit personality is relevant in all facets of her professional career and the take away from her presence, leaves you feeling that you have been given an honest and relevant prospective of a subject matter.

One of her major objectives is to introduce her audience and potentials partners into her world that encapsulate her expertise as a visual and narrative communicator.

Her already existing bodies of work creates an interesting and entertaining journey for her audience.


Lisa needed an agency that was able to organize and sort her layers of content and create a visual structure that allowed her viewing audience accesiblity by utilizing various platforms.

This ment to create a website that will be a digital visual for Lisa Durden and to create platforms for her main endeavors (Television Entertainment, Public Speaking and Media Production).

The site creates a workflow that will help her audience process their objectives of either hiring her for their own projects, viewing the latest episode of her Talk Show or getting a glimpse of the content that her own production company creates and produces.

CMS : Joomla / Facebook / YouTube
Completion Date:
full website